1. First Impressions Are Important.
    • Have your yard looking its best.
    • Mow, Shovel or Rake as necessary.
    • Make sure the bushes are trimmed and the flowers are planted.
    • Have your front door working properly and looking sparkling clean.
  2. Light, Bright, Clean & Neutral.
    • Have the excess clutter removed from the home to temporary storage. Remove extra furniture and make your home appear as spacious as possible.
    • Fresh paint where necessary, but think light neutral colors. Potential Buyers are influenced easily over color schemes. When using neutral colors, buyers can imagine their personal tastes.
    • Have the windows cleaned and working the best they can.
    • Have shades up/open, to let the light shine in.
  3. A Clean Kitchen is a Must.
    • Counters should be clutter free and appear as spacious as possible. So hide the can opener, blender and toaster……it will pay off.
  4. Repairs are required.
    • Check/Fix loose door knobs
    • Fix closet doors that are off their tracks so they work smoothly
    • Repair dripping faucets, old caulk and stained sinks.
    • These little fixes will help keep the buyers attention, not distract it.
  5. Clean and organize your closets.
    • The more organized they are the BIGGER they look. Buyers love storage. If they see your stuff falling out, they’ll be sure to think they too will have that same problem.
  6. Turn the lights on.
    • Make your buyer feel like a WELCOMED GUEST with a home that is ready to show with light. They will have a more¬†welcome feeling from the minute they walk in rather than having an agent stumbling & fumbling for lights.
  7. Please remove pets for showings.
    • Pets are great but not during a showing. They become an unwelcome distraction. Agents and buyers are there to view the home unfortunately, not to meet the dog.